Free Music and Free Beer (feat. Admiral Bob)

from Codex Tempore by Tobias Weber & Bill Ray



Grab a cold one and turn up this classic rock & roll track!


Well the Juke Joint’s rockin’ on a Saturday night
The blues band’s playin’ all the tunes just right
Guys and gals dancin’ in the summer heat
While the guitar’s screamin’ over Big Bill’s beat
There’s only one way to make this party come here
And that’s - free music, free beer

Just hop up on the table, and sing along
The band is up and they’re playing your song
They’re singing to you, you know that song you wrote
Funny how they know it now, note for note
There’s only one tune they all come here to hear
And that’s - free music, free beer

I hope you don’t think you got nothing to say
Let the romance take you all where it may
In the sweltering heat, we’re gonna dance all night
We’re a ways from sunrise, yeah, pitch it right
There’s only one song that the neighbors gonna hear
And that’s - free music, free beer


from Codex Tempore, released February 23, 2018
Produced by: Tobias Weber & Bill Ray
Mastered by: Tobias Weber
Lyrics by: Admiral Bob
Copyright: Tobias Weber, Bill Ray, Admiral Bob
Publishing: ArtisTech Media




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