Songs of Dreams

by SackJo22

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Guided by the voice of SackJo22, 'Songs of Dreams' is an evocative collection of song and soundscape. Sometimes speaking, sometimes singing, sometimes bold, sometimes gentle, the songs are meditative, reflective, imperative. Composed using source material freely shared on, with tracks produced by SackJo22 and others, 'Songs of Dreams' starts with a jazz track, ends with a house track, and includes some experimental ambient chill, a touch of tribal, and a bit of singer-songwriter pop in between. Infused with vocal harmonies and featuring the inimitable guitar stylings of Haskel Joseph throughout, SackJo22’s poetic lyrics encourage the listener to embody their experience in support of healing and transformation.

Each of these songs was inspired by dreams. Dreams that were dreamed. Dreams that were seen. Waking dreams.Shadow dreams. Individual dreams. Collective dreams.

The deeper knowing we need for decision making is available to us at all times. It exists in our being. When we do not know, or when we cannot know, we get assistance through our dreams and other unconscious material that pops into our awareness. Whether moving through the surreal landscape of the dream, or experiencing the world as if it is the dream, each image, color, sensation, or feeling that we notice is a clue to our deepest processes as they are imbued with meaning. Dreams and the realm of the unconscious have their own language. When understood, It is a language that that resonates with revelation and inspiration.


released October 28, 2018

Featured Artists: Haskel, Jeris, Copperhead, CDK, Calling Sister Midnight, AT, Porch Cat, Abstract Audio, BWD Chorus, Rocavaco, Urmymuse, Ass Over Tea Kettle, Darkroom, Analog by Nature

Produced by SackJo22 & ccMixter
Copyright: SackJo22 & ccMixter
Publishing: ArtisTech Media
Mastered by Kara Square


I am truly thankful and appreciative of the musicians and artists who generously contributed their talents to this endeavor. I am also infinitely grateful to the collaborators, teachers, and helpers who generously guided me through the realm of the unconscious which is rich with significance.

Deep gratitude to those who have taught, inspired and supported me in my music and my dreams. Etja Stettin opened the door to the dream world and escorted me in. Angela Grillo’s deep love went there with me. Lauren Schneider helped me make more space in my life for the dreams to come into it. Emily Richards’ loving, supportive energy and friendship is soul food. I will always be grateful to Victor Stone for introducing me to which was a life-changing shidduch. Spinmeister is dear, as his encouragement was a light for me to follow. Copperhead, Timberman, and Abstract Audio patiently provided much appreciated musical advice, direction, mentoring. Many, many thanks to my friends and collaborators at who make ccMIxter the warmest musical home-base in the world. Kara Square deserves a special shout out for the final mastering, massaging and shepherding of this project out the door.

None of this would have been possible without the unfailing support of my family: Haskel, Tamara and Simone. My love for you is deeper than my dreams.

Thank you for dreaming with us.

Sackjo22 is Susan Ackerman Joseph.
She can be found at,, and the usual interweb haunts including insta.fb.twitter. You can contact SackJo22 directly at


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



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Track Name: Breathe (Copperhead Mix) [feat Jeris]
This sensing vessel longs to be seen among the shadows I hide behind

Take it in let it out
Take it in let it out

Take it in let it out
Take it in let it out

Drive is a speedboat
Drive is desire
Drive is my heart holding the fire
The dream starts and the dream stops

Moments by moments distant and dreamy
faded from mem’ry
trapped in my body

Take it in let it out
Take it in let it out

Instincts in the wake lead the way purpose emerging from the water
Dream starts and dream stops

Until I feel ya’
I’m tied up in knots inside

Take it in let it out
Take it in let it out

Water in sunlight
water in shade
crystal clear blue deep dream
starts and dream stops
just breathe

I just want to feel you

Dream starts and dream stops
Dream starts and dream stops
Take it in let it out
Take it in let it out
Track Name: Deeper Nights Deeper Dreams (feat CDK, Haskel)
Spring ahead but don’t leave me behind
as I fall back, it seems to be time
reset clocks and reframe thoughts
discern what may be right or may be fraught with concern and burdened with care
mixed disappointment and mixed with pride
a season of change as day’s light becomes thin
and the reach of night lengthens again.

Is it a song?
Is it a dream?
Is it an intricate harmony?
It’s waiting. It’s wanting.
The phantom of longing.
It’s the love between you and me.

Summer left us dry and used
left the earth hard and broken
Still late season perennials bloom prove new growth always harkens
promise of relationship promise of love
promise to challenge what is true
turning back to what’s unspoken
the love between me and you

So turn the clock, turn the tide
as arms of eons extend through night
cradling what you aspire
finger snap starting desire’s fire
daylight shortens illumination’s reach
deeper nights bring deeper dreams.
Track Name: Eye of the Owl (feat Calling Sister Midnight, Haskel)
the eye of the owl is wise
the moon watching where the shadows hide
day and night
peace and strife
life and alive!

She is the song
the lullaby
the secret shared in twilight
the warning screech to hunter’s descent
the watchful breath of the observant

the eye of the owl is open at night

keeper of secrets
singer of souls
listen to the wisdom her song hold

the eye of the owl is open at night
Track Name: Breathe the Sun (feat AT, Porch Cat, NASA, Stanford, Sandyrb, Erratic, Bulbastre)
breathe the sun
arms of light reach heaven
night watches dreams
the universe listens
Track Name: Choices (Abstract Audio Mix)
Choices may change but our hearts remain the same
Between the future’s glimmering, shining, blinding hope
and the past’s opportunities missed - those lingering shadows that influence.

We no longer assume.
We no longer surmise.
It takes so much more to be surprised so that when delight is ignited
it is an event held dear.

Choices may change but our hearts remain the same
in the frequencies of memory
rumbling, stumbling, crashing through invited and uninvited
a song stuck in my head, repeating
the tune inextricable
a lingering melody that persists until another melody displaces it.

Choices may change, but our hearts remain the same
by the familiarity of temperament despite the alterations of time.
So that recognition is instant in history and love
that lingers indefinitely in the body’s deepest cavities.

We no longer assume.
We no longer surmise.
It take so much more to be surprised.

Choices may change, but our hearts remain the same.
Track Name: Changes (Urmymuse Mix)
The Creative
Youthful Folly
The Army
Holding Together
Small Accumulating
Possession in Great Measure
Correcting What Has Been Spoiled
Biting Through
Splitting Apart
Potential Energy
Critical Mass
The Abyss
The Clinging Fire
The Power of the Great
Darkening of the Light
Polarising Opposition
Gathering Together
The Well
Arousing Thunder Shock
Keep Still
The Marrying Maiden
The Penetrating Wind
Limitation Moderation Articulation
Inner Truth
Small Surpassing
After Completion
Before Completion
Track Name: Urgency (feat Ass Over Tea Kettle, Haskel)
As critical mass weighs heavy, I am reminded that hope is cupped in an illuminated hand.

The garden smells of jasmine.
The dog smells of rosemary.
My guitar smells of warm wood.
I am trying to find peace in the face of fear.

The world is shaking, trembling with acceleration.
Urgency — it has become the song of the nation.

I hear the crickets
and traffic
and power…
I hear the forceful flight of the helicopter.

I have also been shown that cacophony will turn into harmony even when faced with immutable forces —
the mountain
the traffic
the desire to dream…


Being stopped is not stillness.


Track Name: Growth in the Garden (feat Darkroom, Rocavaco, Haskel)
It’s battered but things still grow I see blossoms sneaking out of the shadows I see our spirits sinking as the water’s getting low still there’s growth in the garden

You say you’re trying to be true to what you see
Well come on baby — take a look at me!
I’m trying to be true as true as I can be
I just need you to believe in me

Concentrate! it’s an auspicious day
what’s been lost is just an offering
the wind is soft
the moon is sweet
here is decay nourishing peace
there’s growth in the garden
growth in the garden

Despite the drought,despite the need
there are butterflies and birds and bees there are fruits and buds and hope and seeds and there’s always a little bit of crap to clean

there’s growth in the garden
growth in the garden
Track Name: Turning into Normal (feat Analog By Nature, Haskel)
Are your ready? Are you ready baby?

I saw the signs before I knew what they mean
fires and storms — dead birds in the street
towers falling and shining stars
telling me how we were — showing me how we are
filled with promise, filled with fear
this has got to be one of the hardest years
changes profound in the world and in our home
releasing restless spirits that venture forth to roam
into realms of fancy — into dreamy caves
turning into normal what once felt strange

Are you ready to know
ready to see
ready to let go
ready to love me
Are you ready to show up
ready to man up
ready to let me beat you way up
I’ll give you my heart
I’ll give you my soul
You will be the man if you make me feel whole
Ready to be kind
Be kind to me
I’ll try to open my mind
so my heart will be ready

Are you ready? Are you ready baby?

Progress perspective possibility
filter through like dust shook from memory
visible in light ephemeral as sound
while rusted chains emerge from roots
that serve to link and ground
Run along the road dark dreamy freeways
turning into normal what once felt strange
can we cross the threshold
what truth can we obtain
turning into normal what once felt strange
Track Name: Waiting (feat Haskel)
Looking for the bright side of this long cold night, as the stars shine bright, like the light in your eyes.

Sitting in the darkness even though it’s uncomfortable, waiting for you to show me how it’s all so simple.

I’m waiting.
I’m waiting.
I’m waiting to feel what I know.

It’s that time of year. There’s stillness everywhere. You know it’s there, even though you don’t see it — the flow that’s under the ice that shimmers with all the promise of the love that binds us.

I’m waiting.
I’m waiting.
I’m waiting to feel what I know.

Limitless reach of light — sun and moon and memory — the dream that binds lovers tight through time and space and history.

I’m waiting.

Facing what’s been lost while hope glitters and it gleams. Sipping sacraments of love, sweet while they sting. Wishing you were here with me as bells of salvation ring. Letting go of what was then to welcome what the new year brings.

I’m waiting.
I’m waiting.
I’m waiting to feel what I know.

Limitless reach of light
the dream that binds lovers tight
Track Name: Dreamt (feat Jeris, Haskel)
I dreamt I was a butterfly dreaming I was me
I flew up to the mirror, there was nothing there to see.

You lie! I cried.
The butterfly woke and I died.

I dreamt I went to heaven and picked a strange and beautiful Rose

And when I awoke I had a rose in my hand
What will you tell me now?

I saw the world in a Grain of Sand
and Heaven in a Wild Flower,
I held Infinity in the palm of my hand
and eternity in an hour

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